Introducing TransYouth Speak

The experiences, strengths, and identities of transgender youth are not well understood, even by the LGBTQQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning) community and allies in the broader community. Many transgender youth are forced out of their homes and into “the system” or onto the street. To address the understated issue, TransYouth Speak connects transgender youth with allies to create social change through social media. 

The project serves dual purposes:

  1. Providing direct support and mentorship to transgender youth.
  2. Supporting youth and allies in creating media and disseminating messages that challenge negative stereotypes of the transgender community, inform others on the challenges they face, and propose positive avenues for action and advocacy.

As more people are exposed to the stories of transgender people, they move closer to gaining equality and receiving broad social support. 

Project staff have also provided ongoing mentorship and technical support to youth staff of Children's Hospital Los Angeles’ Center for Transyouth Health and Development and the Los Angeles Transgender Service Provider Network, indirectly impacting hundreds of young trans individuals.

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