How We Work

But what does this look like?

Since every Survivors’ Truths project is developed with our collaborating partners and participants, no two projects are exactly alike. However, all of our projects:

  • Build on existing resources - we will often come in to an existing program, like a support group, where participants are already comfortable with sharing their experiences.

  • Bring in practices and technology that have been useful elsewhere to support, but not replace traditional or more familiar approaches.   

  • Center and promote principles of Ethical Storytelling and Narrative Practice

We work with each of our partners to find the format for our collaboration that will best fit with their existing programs and maximize their resources. Our partnerships vary from ongoing collaborations that can span years, one-time workshops or short-term series, acting as a consultant to develop resources, training staff, and collaboratively designing strategic media initiatives that can be launched locally.

Where are we?

While our offices are located in Los Angeles, California, we don't think of ourselves as limited to a certain geographic area. Operating in the digital age affords opportunities to collaborate and support work that is going on anywhere in the world. 

If you are a group interested in how strength-focused storytelling, grassroots engagement, and social media advocacy can amplify your impact, let us know. We'd love to work with you.