Survivors' Truths Liberia

An independent Liberian NGO

Survivors' Truths started in Liberia, as a 2007 photo-documentary project carried out by our founder Dove Pressnall in collaboration with photographer Chris Herwig and Liberian reporter Cooper M. Vuku. This project focused on sharing Liberian stories of survival from 14 years of war.

Cooper went on to establish Survivors' Truths, Liberia as a registered NGO in 2012 to carry out more projects that facilitate the development and amplification of Liberian solutions to the country's difficulties. By leveraging media and technology in support of Liberian knowledge and culture, Survivors' Truths Liberia is challenging the idea that outside experts have the knowledge needed by people in crisis. 

Today, Survivors' Truths Liberia is working to elevate the voices of marginalized Liberian communities so that communities can come together and find sustainable ways to ensure all are heard and cared for. Some areas of focus include:

  • Peace and Reconciliation
    • Care for war survivors
    • Accountability for war crimes
  • Inclusion and care for people with disabilities 
  • Culturally-relevant communications and responses to public health crises

Every culture has traditions for resolving differences and making plans for communities. These approaches are naturally more familiar, accessible, and quickly implemented by local people than imported interventions. Liberian culture has many strong traditions that are contributing to locally-led peace but these efforts are not always visible or well understood by donors and others who are trying to support Liberia's long-term stability.

Help cultivate sustainable peace in Liberia by donating today! Your generosity helps bring Liberian voices together, thereby paving a path toward forgiveness and real reconciliation. Your donation will save lives by helping to prevent a recurrence of rampant violence.