About Us

Since 2007, Survivors’ Truths has been on the leading edge of a paradigm shift in how we think about and work with survivors of war, violence, disaster, and discrimination.

Today, our mission is partner with frontline workers and community groups to center on-the-ground expertise, build technical capacity, and support solutions created by the people doing the work.

We focus on:

  • Meaningful, Locally-driven Partnership - our programs and activities are designed alongside and with deference to the deep knowledge of the groups we are working with.
  • Ethical Storytelling that centers storytellers' agency and knowledge in the accounts of their difficulties and practices ongoing active consent in sharing those stories.
  • Innovative Solutions that are not constrained by the limited frameworks of traditional donor-driven humanitarian response.

Why "Survivors' Truths"?

We tend to think we already know the stories of others who have been through really difficult things - like war, violence, severe discrimination, or disaster- and it is easy to assume that we know what that person needs.

The reality is that each person and each situation contains many stories, and many truths. Our approach puts the people who need help in the position of experts on which stories and which truths are most relevant and which actions can be most helpful. In this framework, our job is to open and hold space for these truths and plans to emerge and be supported by us and others who would like to help.

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