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The Climb

by Sheron Page

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Honoring Books

by Fanny Garcia

Location: San Fernando Valley, California

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I Push Up Daisies

When Louie was seven years old, his father passed away from a brain aneurysm.  Music has given him the strength to continue on through life's challenges.  He now attends LA Music Academy in pursuit of becoming a professional musician.  


Basically, I was young
I thought that everything would last
But then people all around me
They all started to pass

We'll meet again
We'll meet again
my hope will last

I woke up with a dream
I woke up to a nightmare
Everyone's saying that I can't do it
I don't even know why

My dreams won't end
My dreams won't end
It will last

We'll go far
We'll get there
My hope will last 
And when I push up daisies
My hope will last


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My Angel Wings Were Bruised On My Way Down

Left stroke right stroke breathe....left stroke right stroke breathe .... only one more lap....done...my workout is complete. Wow I should get going...I need to get home ... I'm leaving the gym now. I should change the station this song is so last year....this light takes forever... oh well I'm almost home....wait why is that girl crossing the street omg I'm about to hit her no...I have to avoid clipping her legs...Omg I spung out booom Im stuck in my car My heart hurts...why is this white bag in front of me. Why am I in a stretcher bed...oh God help me....

These where my last minutes when I got in a car accident October 2011, I was driving home from the 24 hour gym. I lost control of my car when a girl crossed the street. Here is a collage of what thoughts came to me. 



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