An insider's take on Social Media Week

Social Media Week is finally here!-1.jpg

This is Survivors' Truths' Event Coordinator Brenda Gonzalez. Since starting my position, I have been planning this “tweet-a-thon” style event and I am excited that it is finally going live. I have learned a lot about social media platforms in the past couple weeks, including the beauty of technology and what it allows us to accomplish – in this case, a tweet-a-thon.

I am also really excited to take part in the launching of our new project, Strength in Story.  I see Strength in Story as a bridge connecting all Survivors’ Truths projects since participants can be from different backgrounds. 

My goal for the week is to help Survivors’ Truths gain more visibility and inspire others through people’s Strength in Story videos. I also want to personally learn and improve for the next social-media based event.

Thank you to all the volunteers and Dove Pressnall, our executive director, for help and support in planning Social Media Week.  Also, a special thanks to all supporters of Survivors’ Truths!

-- Brenda Gonzalez, event coordinator