Founder/Executive Director


Dove Pressnall

Social entrepreneur Dove Pressnall founded Survivors' Truths to bring together the best of social service and social media to promote positive social change. Among her current projects is, a virtual forum to support grassroots peacebuilding and reconciliation in post-war West Africa. Domestically, Dove is currently working with transgender youth, and has recently launched The Inside/Out Project, a program to highlight the issues and difficulties of currently and formerly incarcerated women as well as their children.

Dove is also working to implement a collaborative project with the Corporation for Supportive Housing. Survivors’ Truths’ focus is on strengths, and helps those who share their stories. These stories inspire reflection, hope, and action; and creates social change by challenging the way we think and talk about people affected by violence and discrimination.

A licensed psychotherapist in private practice since 2001, Dove is inspired by the possibilities for challenging less respectful ways of describing those we seek to help and the opportunities created by new media to connect, ally, and advocate.

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