Celebration of Life

by Denalerie J. Johnson-Faniel, PhD

Location: New Jersey

Summary of Original Video (under Read More):

 Original Video:

I have 474 individual real dreadlocks as of January 16, 2012 as counted and verified via photo and video shot on her birthday by two other people as well. You will note in the video that the total count included 8 dreadlocks locs that had started splitting into two so given they had not totally separated when the video was filmed I counted them as single locs which gave the total of 467 and as of today the final count on January 16, 2012 and documented on the date stamped pictures the final total to date is 474 individual dreadlocks because those 8 locs have fully separated into singles.  The shirt I am wearing was my mother's and she and I are in the photo on the front of it.  She helped me start growing my dreadlocks on 12/27 in Texas...the day that would actually become the day she would pass away years later and this means so much to me because in the last stages of her life she lost her hair to chemotherapy.  Thank you.