On the Frontline of the Fight Against Ebola...Young Life is There!

In this article, James Davis gives thanks for the recovery of Decontee Davis, who fell ill with Ebola over a month ago.


Today marks one month since you (Decontee Davis) survived the deadly Ebola outbreak in Mount Barclay, Johnsonville. With the help of Young Life and our family, ...all 31 persons you had physical contact with were traced, given food supplies, medicines (ORS, antidiarrheal, paracetomol, antibiotics, omeprazole/ magnesium trisilicate, antimalarial, folic acid, and encouraged to drink more water daily) and put under observation for 21 days. It is now one month and three weeks since we (Young Life Organization) initiated this intervention and none of your contacts have ever shown symptoms of the Ebloa Virus Disease (EVD). To God be the glory!


Between late July and September, this intervention was replicated into several communities and over two hundred people who have had physical contact with different suspected, probable or confirmed Ebola cases didn’t show any symptoms of EVD during the incubation period of 21 days. However, I’ve challenged health authorities and other institutions to investigate or experiment this intervention as a means of breaking the chain of transmission in our country. Together, we can fight to stop new cases of Ebola within our families and communities.


Decontee, as you celebrate your one month victory from near death to life, I want to thank you for giving us (Young Life leaders) the courage to do what no one else will do. Thanks for challenging us to continue to reach out to the young people of Liberia and their families and to continue to love them in the midst of this troubled time.

On September 20, you became the first survivor to donate blood which helped to save the life of another Ebola patient at the ELWA ETU. Among your fellow survivors, medical doctors are now referring to you as the “Dux” of Ebola survivors. While you are still mourning the death of your fiancé and his family members, it is good to know that you have mustered the courage to save lives by donating blood. ---we are proud of you and congratulations again!