We've Outgrown Ourselves!

Innovative all-volunteer nonprofit seeks Executive Director to take us to the next level! Must have the skills to oversee operations, administration, and development and be willing to defer salary during initial fundraising. Interested? Email [email protected]

Yes, it's true, Survivors' Truths is seeking a new Executive Director. This is great news! In our five years as a 501c3 nonprofit, we have done a ton. Our ongoing work with transgender youth is breaking new ground and getting national attention. The original project in Liberia has spun off into a local Non-governmental Organization applying our model of working to peace-building and the ebola crisis. We have helped other organizations working with people affected by homelessness, hunger, and incarceration.

I've been doing all of this voluntarily with a team of amazing volunteers...and it's been great. Except this: I just don't have time to run these great programs and do the fundraising and development needed to make it sustainable. So, after a lot of reflection and consultation with others, I am looking to replace myself - at least for that part of the job. 

With the right Executive Director in place, we will be poised to raise funds for core staff - including some of the young people who have graduated from the TransYouth Speak mentorship program, develop our Board, and raise our visibility. 

I'll still be around, ensuring that our programs continue to stay true to our unique mission as we grow and change.

Excited at new possibilities,

Dove Pressnall, Founder and (current) Executive Director