Giving hope a voice all year long

LBS-tank.jpgSurvivors’ Truths works with some of the most hurt and marginalized people. Whether they have survived brutal civil war or the mean streets of Hollywood, participants in our projects have seen the worst our world has to offer.

They have also triumphed, in ways large and small, and kept hope alive in the darkest moments. This is what we build on, the part of the story we tell. 

When you give to Survivors’ Truths, you give to innovation - bringing the best of psycho-social work, documentary, journalism, and advocacy together.

More importantly, you give these people a voice. You share their story of hope. 

And that is powerful. 

So, please, as you prepare to celebrate a new year and new beginnings this coming week, consider amplifying these voices of hope by making a tax-deductible donation to Survivors' Truths.

Thank you,

Dove Pressnall, Founder/Executive Director