Survivors’ Truths helps those who go beyond “getting through.” So, join us in celebrating all of the survivors in the world. We are trying to bring awareness to the different kinds of survivors in the world. We invite you to sing and share your favorite survival song. It’s fast, fun and easy. And don’t forget to challenge your friends!

Here is a little more about our #CelebrateSurvival Campaign 


1.     Pick a song about survival that you love

2.     Record yourself singing it, lip syncing, dancing - whatever

3.     Post on social media including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with #CelebrateSurvival and #SurvivorsTruths

4.     Challenge your friends to do their own videos 

5.     Donate what you can (every dollar counts) 

       Some survivor songs we love: 

        Survivor by Destiny’s Child
        I will Survive by Gloria Gayhor
        Fighter by Christina Aguilera
        Love is a Battlefield by Pat Benatar 
        Eye of the Tiger by Survivor  

Check out our founder Dove Pressnall taking part in #CelebrateSurvival!

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