Our Projects

Survivor’s Truths is currently working on some fantastic projects, which we would love to share.

Memory as Peacebuilding in Liberia is the campaign that started it all. In the face of horrific terror, systematic rapes and brutal murders, many survivors of Liberia’s civil war learned to overcome it all and heal. Our series of projects documents their bravery, perseverance and triumph.

TransYouth Speak is our first LA-based project. Working with transgender youth, this project aims to promote communities that are more supportive and respectful toward transgender youth who are developing and sharing their stories to shift discussion and challenge stereotypes.

Strength In Story is a collaborative, participatory video-based project to bring together a wide variety of stories from ordinary people about how they have overcome the odds, faced adversity, recovered from loss.  We all have strength in the stories we tell, would love to hear yours!