Introducing the Uncarcerate Project

The United States has an incarceration crisis. We imprison more people — both in sheer numbers and as a percentage of the population — than any other country in the world. A huge number of people in jails or prisons are there for non-violent offenses and unequal application of laws and sentencing have led to people of color being disproportionately warehoused and separated from their families. 

More and more, citizens and lawmakers are calling for change. Still, the problem can be overwhelming. We need good ideas and information to support change that improves the lives of families and communities. 

The UNCarcerate Project (previously known as the Inside/Out Project) is bringing the voices of those most affected by incarceration into the conversation about criminal justice policy and reform.

Those who are most affected by incarceration possess a deep understanding of what drives the cycle of imprisonment and how it impacts incarcerated individuals, their families, and communities. Their real life stories contain valuable ideas of how to best reform the criminal justice system.

We need your help to take this work further! Various organizations, including schools connected with the California juvenile justice system, have requested Inside/Out Project workshops with the people they serve. Donations help the Inside/Out Project continue to provide and extend its services to other groups affected by incarceration and to network with advocacy groups and organizations so that the media created can promote positive change.

Implementing Project Partners

The UNcarcerate Project is a collaborative effort that brings together the skills and knowledge of each of the implementing partners. 


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Community Partners