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    COVID-19 Fund

    GOAL: $1,000.00

    Given that Liberia has had the experience of joining together to push back yet another deadly virus, Ebola, we believe we are one of few countries best placed to beat COVID-19. We also know from experience that we cannot afford to wait until more people are dying. Liberia has been building its medical capacity for years but is still not equipped to save the lives of those who become most critically ill. Prevention is the key and we have specific strategies for giving Liberians a fighting chance at avoiding infection and caring for those who do become sick.

    Survivors’ Truths Liberia is currently providing communications guidance and local direct relief and is committed to join with relevant authorities and stakeholders in the fight against COVID-19 but we need to do more.

    During the Ebola crisis, Survivors’ Truths Liberia released Communication Guidelines and a plan for safe care in community that contributed greatly to the ability of local leaders to mobilize their constituents to suppress the spread of the disease. With your support, we can make a real impact on the lives of Liberians at this critical time.


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    We've Outgrown Ourselves!

    Innovative all-volunteer nonprofit seeks Executive Director to take us to the next level! Must have the skills to oversee operations, administration, and development and be willing to defer salary during initial fundraising. Interested? Email

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    TYS needs YOU!

    Now, more than ever, TransYouth Speak (TYS) is an essential resource for youth who identify on the gender spectrum. With recent moves to limit LGBTQ+ rights in some parts of the country, TYS is looking to extend our online reach and be a support to more youth regardless of location.

    We are currently all-volunteer, so we are able to do a lot with a little. We need to raise $10,000 to keep our program going and build our social media presence in 2017.

    TransYouth Speak's innovative work is funded through the generosity of individual donors and philanthropic circles. Your donation will support youth leaders to:

    • Provide supplies, food, and transportation for group meetings and working sessions
    • Participate in local and regional conferences
    • Produce media and materials - printed 500 copies of our 'zine Parrotfish and were gone in days!
    • Provide trainings to organizations and groups working with transgender and genderqueer youth
    • Provide support and referrals to youth and their families

    Whether you can give $5 or $5,000, we will put it to good use! Thank you for your support!


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    Self-Care for Peacebuilders

    "Peace is not the absence of noise, trouble or hard work. It is to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart."

    This week, students from colleges all over the US have come together for Northwestern University Conference on Human Rights, "the largest undergraduate student-organized and student-attended conference on human rights in the United States." The conference has been extremely well-organized, the participants engaged, and the panelists inspiring in their breadth and depth of knowledge and experience. I was honored to be invited as a panelist, to talk about Survivors' Truths' model for working with survivor communities to create media that promotes peace and reconciliation.

    In addition to making presentations, panelists were invited to facilitate breakout groups, where participants have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss issues raised in the plenary sessions. This afternoon, after discussing cultural differences in understanding of the self and manifestations of mental health problems as well as the complexities of re-training former combatants in civil conflict to be an effective military, a student asked, "How do you deal with the stress of this work?" This led us into a rich conversation about the value and importance of knowing one's own limits, honoring our preferences (don't go to a war zone if going to a war zone puts you in a constant state of anxiety), and things that one can do to make tough work sustainable.

    Then we did some yoga. 


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    Johanna - A clear winner

    It was no surprise that Johanna, Survivors' Truths sponsee was named Woman of the Year in the APAIT QUEST Transgender Advocacy Pageant. I first met Johanna at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, where we facilitate monthly media workshops with transgender youth and she was the inspiration for our TransYouth Speak Leadership Development group. Transgender youth face incredible stigma, isolation, discrimination and violence and this group was a haven for them. As they shared their stories and brainstormed what they wanted to do with video, Johanna spoke up. “I think we should have a theme It’s Time for a Change!” She went on, in coming weeks, to help her peers identify the issues they wanted to address. Soon, she pointed out that meeting once a month for a couple of hours wasn’t enough to do what they wanted to do. “We need to have a place where we can get together and work on this stuff,” she said. And so the TransYouth Speak Leadership Development group was born. This past September, we started having ‘office hours’ and a work group every week, with staff who can support both the message development and the technical production, as well as provide mentorship and leadership training to participants. This group, led by volunteer professional facilitators, supported by local businesses, is one of the few safe spaces in our community where transgender youth can participate in this kind of action. Please consider supporting this project by donating, fundraising, or just helping us spread the word on Twitter and FaceBook.

    Thanks and happy holidays!

    Dove Pressnall, Founder and Executive Director

  • donated 2012-12-10 09:42:11 -0800

    Look Forward, Give Back!

    $2,807.85 raised
    GOAL: $10,000.00

    Survivors' Truths relies on the generosity of individuals who share our commitment to bringing the best of social service and social media together to discover new possibilities and promote positive social change. 

    Right now, our goal is to raise $10,000, which will cover our basic operating costs for 2019, allowing us to continue promoting our work with war survivors, transgender youth, and others. A little goes a long way! So, whether you can make a one-time donation or a monthly commitment, your donation counts! 

    Please help us make this fundraising drive a success by asking your friends to join you in supporting the work of Survivors' Truths.

    Thank you!

    Dove and the rest of the Survivors' Truths Team


  • What Social Media Week has to do with doing good

    If you follow Survivors' Truths on Twitter or Facebook, you might have noticed a lot of posts about Social Media Week, which is a global gathering of people working in technology and the interwebs. As I write this, I am sitting in the Los Angeles offices of Google, listening to them talk about how they are working with social media technology professionals.


    I have attended panels on sharing media with mobile technology, Social Media for Nonprofits, startup strategies, and have several more to go. The people here are really, really smart. A lot of what is being said is over my head. 

    So why am I here? What does this week have to do with Survivors' Truths' work helping victims of violence and discrimination?

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