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  • published An Insider's Take on Social Media Week in Blog 2012-09-21 13:45:28 -0700

    An insider's take on Social Media Week

    Social Media Week is finally here!-1.jpg

    This is Survivors' Truths' Event Coordinator Brenda Gonzalez. Since starting my position, I have been planning this “tweet-a-thon” style event and I am excited that it is finally going live. I have learned a lot about social media platforms in the past couple weeks, including the beauty of technology and what it allows us to accomplish – in this case, a tweet-a-thon.

    I am also really excited to take part in the launching of our new project, Strength in Story.  I see Strength in Story as a bridge connecting all Survivors’ Truths projects since participants can be from different backgrounds. 

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